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About Me + Contact

About Me + Contact

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I am a Visual Producer located in Haymarket, VA. I graduated with a master’s degree in the New Media Photojournalism from Corcoran School of Art and Design of GWU. After graduation, I interned with the Washington Post for four months. During my time with the Washington Post, I made original short videos and produced live videos for the FB page of the Post, as well as collaborating on larger projects like Barriers and Virtual Debate.

I also worked as a digital curator for the OFF NOTE online magazine, selecting artists and curating photographs for the Burqa issue of this magazine. My other past experiences include working as a videographer and Audio & Visual Specialist at Middlebury College in VT. Since 2010, I have been creating short videos and documentaries. My short film Wearing Scarf was selected for MUSLIMA online exhibition and 2014 Women in the World Summit.

I am an internationally minded person and enjoy working on visual stories.  Please contact me at: